WCF-24 Rotary Weed Wiper

Rather than spraying, a fast and far more cost-effective method of wiping them out is to consider the Wessex Rotowiper weed wiper. Ideal for paddock, pasture and turf care the first thing you notice is that it uses much less chemical than spraying and, most importantly, it targets the vulnerable underside of weed leaf, hitting it where it hurts without killing grass or clover.

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The concept of weedwiping was developed in New Zealand in the 1970’s, and is all about a controlled method of targeting weeds. Representing significant cost efficiencies over spraying, weedwiping works by coating a weedkiller chemical onto a carpet roller which is wiped across weeds, applying chemical to the underside of the leaf.

Mounted to an ATV or a UTV (or any vehicle with a standard ball hitch), the Wessex Rotowiper comprises of a unique roller carpet mounted on a sturdy mainframe, with a large wheel at each end, one of which drives the roller rotation. This roller runs in the opposite direction to the travel of the Rotowiper to allow thorough coating of the underside of the leaf, and is height-adjustable to ensure all weed types and growth stages are catered for. A reliable pump transfers chemical from the tank to the carpet, coating it evenly and thoroughly to ensure that the weed receives the right dosage of lethal chemical.

We recommend that a small amount of foaming agent such as Deva foam is added to the chemical tank. This allows the operator to see the flow of chemical being applied to the carpet roller, and gives a visual aid to ensure the correct amount of chemical is on the roller at any time. More chemical is added to the roller by a simple switch, controlled by the operator from the seat of the ATV / UTV.

The Wessex Rotowiper is available in a 2.4m width, and can be used on any vehicle with a standard tow ball hitch.


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