Trailer SMT

Standard Features

  • Trailer body dimensions: 1500 x 1160
  • Narrow overall width
  • Useful carrying capacity
  • Hot-dip galvanised body for durability
  • All-steel, fully welded construction
  • Tremendous strength
  • Stable towing
  • Go-anywhere ability
  • Bead lock wheel rims (22×11-8) for added safety
  • 50mm swivel tow hitch
  • Flotation tyres for low ground pressure


  • Turf tyre option available
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Trailer SMT

The unique feature of the SMT trailer is the “stepped” trailer body with the wheels positioned underneath. This keeps the overall width to a minimum (similar to the width of an ATV), allowing access to confined areas as well as providing a low centre of gravity, both of which are important benefits in the gamekeeping world due to the nature of the working terrain eg. forestry or rough ground.

The SMT benefits from very strong, all-welded steel construction and has a fully hot-dip galvanised body. With flotation wheel and tyres (22×11-8) fitted as standard. Swivel tow hitches and bead lock wheel rims come as standard for extra safety.

All applications

A major advantage of the SMT is its low ground pressure and when used with an ATV, you can gain access to the land in conditions that would be impossible with a tractor or even a 4×4. The SMT is ideal for those construction or maintenance jobs in the winter, where you are travelling over the same area of land with a number of loads in less than ideal conditions – the low ground pressure of an ATV and the SMT ensures minimal ground damage and maximum work rate.

Carry-all trailer

The SMT is useful for gamekeeping applications and is the ideal partner for an ATV.


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