JFC Tipping Trailer

“JFC is a global organisation, which is renowned worldwide for its innovative, quality plastic products. Investment in people R&D, leading edge technology and an unerring commitment to Quality and Customers ensure JFC’s position as a market leader in the plastics industry.” JFC website

The JFC tipping trailer…

is the perfect accessory for towing behind ATV’s. With its large carrying capacity and compact dimensions, laborious tasks can be made easy whether you are farming, landscaping, forestry working, green keeping or any number of other applications. It is also suitable for use with compact tractors and ride on mowers.

ATV 250 (230ltr)
Tipping Trailer
Blue Blue
ATV 400
Tipping Trailer
Green Body
ATV 500 (500ltr)
Tipping Trailer
Green Body

JFC do also make a range of quality wheel barrows, troughs and feeders – All things that we can supply on request.
The barrows below are great for a variety jobs in and around your yard and stables. With a 255 litre capacity, these barrows (two and three wheeler) are also ideal in size for all kinds of transporting jobs.
Please give us a call if you’d like any more info on 01924 840 319

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