Sweepex Brushes S219/220

Standard Features

  • 1.2m (S219) or 1.5m (S220) wide brush
  • Manual lift
  • Simple attachment
  • N.B. Requires System 20 chassis for ATV or UTV (contact Logic to determine type and availability)


Electric lift option for use with UTVs

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Sweepex Brushes S219/220

The Sweepex is a non-powered sweeping brush. It mounts onto a Logic System20 chassis. The Sweepex is tough and no-nonsense and comes in 1.2 (S219) or 1.5m (S220) widths. Quick-attach, and with a manual raise and lower system, the Sweepex is brilliant for keeping grain stores, yards, drives, roadways and paths in smart order.

All Farm Applications

Wherever there’s a heavy duty cleaning-up job to be done, the Sweepex is much quicker than working by hand. Although not as efficient as the Logic Power Brush it can make a difficult sweeping job into a breeze. The Sweepex most often finds itself in use in grain and feed stores, where it is used to keep piles of grain etc. neat and tidy. It is also perfect for car parks or yards.


Product features

The Sweepex mounts in seconds onto a System 20 chassis. The brush is lowered by means of an over-centre lever, then is simply driven around the area to be swept in a pattern so that all the debris is collected into one area.


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