Yard Scraper S210

Standard Features

  • System 20 attachment
  • Mounts/detaches in seconds
  • Manual or electric lift
  • Sturdy construction
  • Suitable for cow sheds, cubicle houses, pig units, poultry units
  • 1.3m width
  • Heavy duty one-piece blade
  • Replaceable heavy-duty rubber bottom and wing strips


  • UTS210 1.7m model for UTVs
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Yard Scraper S210

The S210 Yard Scraper is a System 20 attachment and is designed to quickly and easily clear farmyard muck from yards and floors in cow sheds, poultry and pig units, animal houses and cubicles.


Livestock and Poultry Farm applications

Good husbandry techniques need efficient means of cleaning manure from animal housing areas. The S210 Yard Scraper quickly attaches to the System 20 chassis and makes short work of clearing out the muck. Once finished, the S210 is detached and the ATV can be used for other tasks.


Product features

Robust construction includes a one-piece, heavy duty steel blade with replaceable rubber bottom blade and wings. The 1.3m width makes the S210 manoeuvrable in confined spaces such as cubicles yet large enough to clear wider areas efficiently.


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