Suzuki Ozark 250 Utility ATV 2010 – Discontinued

The Ozark 250cc utility 2010 provides a great form of off-road transport and its tougher than you might expect with handy luggage racks and a remarkable towing capacity for its size. The 250’s compact dimensions make for easy manoeuvrability and the 2-wheel drive provides light steering, both of which you’ll appreciate after a full day of leading trail rides or running around the estate. Whether you’re blasting up and down hill paths or dashing through woodland trails you can bank on the Ozark being up to the job. It’s reliable 246cc engine will fire-up at the touch of a button and run consistently all day long. You’ll also be able to rest safe in the knowledge that you, your customers or farmhands and any other riders are always in control, with dual disc brakes on the front providing consistently strong stopping power.

Ideal for anyone who needs personal transport, light-load carrying as well as a high tow capacity, the Ozark is a real ‘all-rounder’- great for both work and leisure uses. Its compact design allows even the slightest riders to experience the benefits of this multi-purpose machine.

Capacity: 246cc

This product is now discontinued

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