Spreader Range LDS

Standard Features

  • Capacities from 120 litre (approx 115 kg) to 380 litre (approx 365kg)
  • Hopper cover for 120 and 240 litre models
  • Translucent hopper for monitoring fertiliser level
  • Low ground pressure tyres
  • 50mm swivel ball hitch
  • Ground drive
  • Spread width up to 15m
  • Drive engage handle accessible from ATV seat
  • Galvanised frame


  • 120 litre (115kg) capacity: 16 x 6.50 – 8 wheels/tyres
  • 240 litre (230kg) capacity: 18 x 9.50 – 8 wheels/tyres
  • 380 litre (365kg) capacity: 18 x 9.50 – 8 wheels/tyres
  • Hopper cover for 380 ltr. hopper
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Spreader Range LDS

Logic LDS Fertiliser Spreaders come in a range of sizes, from 120 litres through to 380 litres. They are simple, galvanised frame, ground-drive spreaders – robust and reliable. The controls for the disc drive and hopper opening are operable from the driving seat of an ATV. The translucent hopper allows the operator to see how much fertiliser is left in the hopper at a glance. The smaller capacities are very good for paddocks and small acreages. The larger capacities are suitable for all farm situations.

All Farm applications

The combination of an LDS spreader and an ATV provides an ideal combination for quickly applying fertiliser or reseeding on general farm grassland. Howwever, it really comes into its own working on steep ground, strip grazed areas and wherever a low ground pressure solution is required.


Product features

Logic LDS spreaders all come with a 50mm swivel hitch for increased safety and conforms to HSE regulations. The frames are fully galvanised and the wheel/tyre combinations increase in specification the larger the hopper, in order to cope with the additional weight of product in the hopper when full.


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