Seed Spider LSS

Standard Features

  • Precision seeder
  • 915mm (36”) max. sowing width
  • Electronic metering system
  • Hardened chisel point openers
  • Sows wide range of seed types
  • Standard 50mm swivel tow hitch
  • Low ground pressure
  • Ideal for patching worn areas


  • Maize plate for sowing maize seed application
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Seed Spider LSS

The Logic Seed Spider is a precision seeder. Each arm has a sharp hard, chisel point which penetrates into the soil surface, metering seeds into the resulting channel and ensuring good soil contact with the seed. The maximum sowing width of the LSS is 915mm (36”). A wide range of seed types can be accommodated by simply changing the sponge in the metering head. The work rate is up to 1 Ha/hr.

This high quality product is made by Seed Spider in New Zealand who specialise in high density seeding products for industries such as baby leaf salad/vegetable growing. If you are interested please view their website . If seeding is a requirement for you please also view our EBC electrobroadcaster range and LDS spreader range which will offer simpler, more cost effective options. If unsure about your requirements please contact Logic and we will advise you.

All Farm applications

The Seed Spider can be used to precision-sow crops directly into fields. However, it is also often used to stitch species into existing sward (for example, clover, for improved grazing). Once again, when used with an ATV, low ground pressure ability is a key advantage.

Product features

The Seed Spider has a seed reservoir which houses the seed metering head at the bottom of the unit. The seeds are released using electronic metering into special, anti-static tubes which deliver the seed to the precision, chisel point openers. The seed is delivered into the channel at a pre-determined rate, enabling extremely precise planting densities to be achieved. Of course, depending upon the seed type being used and the sowing rate required, a number of variables need to be established. However, the supplied manual gives clear, step-by-step support on how to achieve the desired planting pattern and density and Logic is also happy to field enquiries and questions on any matter such as this.


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