Ballast Roller BR

Standard Features

  • 1.5m width ballast roller
  • 560mm diameter roller for easy towing
  • Heavy wall construction
  • Add water to produce max. gross weight of approx. 600kg
  • Strong 50mm diameter axle
  • Long life sealed bearings
  • Adjustable rear scraper
  • Tow behind any suitable vehicle


1.8 metre model available

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Ballast Roller BR

The BR150 has a 1.5m or 1.8m wide roller which is robustly made with a heavy wall diameter for strength and performance.

All Farm applications

Any farm that needs a roller will benefit from having a BR150 – large enough to cope, but small and handy enough to make using it an easy option. When used with an ATV, the low ground pressure of the towing setup means that the roller can be used when a tractor would cause too much damage to the ground. For arable farmers, the big tractor roller will be used most often, but when there’s a smaller area to be done, the BR150 is a useful asset, particularly when conditions are heavy and the tractor can’t make it onto the land.

Product features

Water ballast can be added to the roller drum (a max. total weight of 600kgs) so the weight can be adjusted to suit the ground conditions. The Logic roller has heavy-duty sealed bearings for long life; a 560mm diameter roller for easy towing; and an adjustable rear scraper which keeps the roller surface clean for more even rolling. The heavy wall of the drum means that large rocks won’t damage the roller surface – something that can happen with less robust designs!


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