Trailer Range SST

Standard Features

  • Trailer body dimensions: 1500 x 1000 x 800mm
  • Hot-dip galvanised body for durability
  • Alloy treadplate floor
  • Bead lock wheel rims for added safety
  • 50mm swivel tow hitch
  • Flotation tyres for low ground pressure
  • Tailgate doubles as loading ramp


Turf tyre option available

Half-door (side hinged) tailgate

  • Side-hinged mesh tailgate (half or full width)
  • Stockgate internal partitioning
  • 1800mm length body
  • Wheel guards
  • Mudguards
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Trailer Range SST

The SST is an off-road trailer designed to safely transport livestock. It is a versatile asset on any stock farm and quickly becomes an almost indispensable tool. The standard unit has high sides which prevent stock from jumping out of the trailer. It benefits from very strong, all welded construction and has a fully hot-dip galvanised body together with an alloy treadplate floor The standard tailgate doubles as a loading ramp, complete with cross laths for improved footing. A 50mm swivel tow hitch and bead lock wheel rims come as standard and comply with HSE regulations.


All Farm applications

A major advantage of the SST is its low ground pressure, meaning that you can gain access to the land in conditions that would be impossible with a tractor or even a 4×4. The ability of an ATV and SST to almost float over the ground allows access to the land even when it is wet and muddy. This is particularly useful in situations requiring cross-compliance issues to be met. The SST can be used on any farm – sheep farmers love the SST for its high work rate, superb design and robust build but the SST will fit into almost any farm environment, from small-holdings through to the biggest arable spread.


Carry-all trailer

The SST is useful for many farm applications and is the ideal partner for an ATV. Anything from bags of feed through to fencing tools and materials can be carried from one side of the farm to the other in no time, with no damage to the ground travelled.


Livestock applications

Clever design means that the SST is ideal for many situations where livestock needs to be carried around the farm. Typically, this will involve carrying a ewe and lamb(s) to or from the field, but the SST can easily carry pigs or calves in comfort as well. An advantage of choosing the mesh tailgate option is that cows can still see their calves through the mesh, and will calmly follow the ATV back to the farmstead, reducing the stress on the cow, the calf (and the stockman!) There is a wide variety of headboard and tailgate options (standard ramp, half-door or mesh) allowing it to be easily converted for a number of uses. When fitted with the Logic Stockgate system, the SST can be separated into three partitions. These gates can be removed in seconds or parked flush against the sides to maximise the internal space. The standard version of the SST is 1.5m long, but a 1.8m version is available, giving and extra-generous carrying area. A road-legal version is also available.


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