System 20 Chassis S20

Standard Features

  • Fits onto front of ATV or UTV
  • Provides quick-mount capability for System 20 attachments
  • Manual or electric lift
  • Sturdy construction
  • Does not impede normal ATV operation (can be left on ATV even when not in use)
  • Models to suit most ATVs/UTVs


  • No options available
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System 20 Chassis S20

The System 20 provides a quick and simple way to mount a number of front-mounted attachments onto an ATV or UTV. The standard chassis features a manual lift but an electric lift version is available.


All Farm applications

The System 20 chassis extends the use of an ATV or UTV to enable use of a number of quick-mount attachments, such as a rotary brush unit, a yard scraper or a snow plough.


Product features

The System 20 chassis is not a universal fitting – a number of models have been developed to suit the characteristics of most ATVs or UTVs available in the UK. All will provide secure and robust fitting solutions for other Logic attachments which will provide speedy solutions to many common tasks, such as cleaning up, yard scraping and snow clearance. Attachments can be mounted/detached in seconds without the use of tools. Manual lift comes as standard, using an over-centre arm, but an electric lift version is available.


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