Spray-On 200 Flatdeck

The Spray-On 200 flatdeck now comes with a new option for those wanting even more stability and functionality. Includes a fully functional frame that allows your choice of C-Dax
boom to be mounted with ease while adding maximum stability.

The Spray-On 200 showcases the latest in Generation 2 styling and design innovations at a price you can afford. Whether you need a spot sprayer, flat deck or boom sprayer, the Spray-On 200 has the flexibility to suit your requirements.

The uniquely designed shape of the Spray-On 200 ensures that it performs well in a flat deck situation, remaining stable and withstanding the rigours of intensive use while remaining lightweight and easy to handle to ensure the tank is readily transportable.

An easily accessible moulded two litre fresh water handwash tank will help you to clean up after spraying.


Photo 1: Spray-On 200 Flatdeck

Photo 2: Spray-On 200 Flatdeck with optional Multiboom

Photo 3: Spray-On 200 Flatdeck with optional 4m Boom

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  • New Generation 2 styling
  • 12-volt
  • Flatdeck features steel framing
  • Low profile for greater stability on uneven terrain
  • 3 litre freshwater hand wash tank
  • Hose storage and lance holder
  • Recessed chamber provides maximum pump protection
  • Unique tank sump to ensure complete evacuation
  • Moulded contents scale for easy level checking
  • 7.6Lpm 60Psi internal bypass pump
  • 10m delivery hose
  • Recessed lid to contain spills
  • Optional 10m hose extensions available


  • Weight:
    29kg empty; 229kg full (Flat deck option without frame)
  • 580psi, 8mm delivery hose
  • Dimensions:
    length 820mm;
    width 740mm;
    height 475mm (tank only)
  • Comes with:
    7.6Lpm (60psi) internal bypass pump
    10m of delivery hose (with options of 10m extensions available)
    Wiring loom with on/off switch
    Stainless steel spray lance


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