Puncture Repair Kit ATV111

Standard Features

  • Kit contains:
  • A plastic, sealable tub with instructions to hold all contents
    • rasp
    • needle tool
    • 30 repair strips
    • glue solution


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This kit is suitable for repairing off-road tubeless tyres only. ATV/UTV tyres are susceptible to punctures, especially by thorns after hedge cutting. This kit contains everything you need to repair up to 30 punctures, with the huge benefit of being able to complete the repair from the outside, without having to remove the tyre from the wheel (or the tyre from the ATV/UTV). Once repaired the tyre can be re-inflated (NB pump not included) and the work can continue. This makes the job very quick and down time is minimised.

This is a trade kit but for any customer it will very quickly pay for itself compared to costs involved with conventional tyre repair.

Please note – due to the nature of this product, please ensure instructions are read and understood. If you continue to have problems with the tyre losing pressure, you should consider having the tyre checked by your normal tyre supplier as soon as possible.


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