Mule 600 2007 – Discontinued

That’s Kawasaki’s MULE 600. It’s also compact, nimble and very light on its feet.
This workhorse can go where most other vehicles can’t – from golf courses to farms and urban uses, the MULE provides safe, reliable access. And when the going gets even tougher there’s its big brother, the MULE 610 4×4 with selectable four-wheel drive.
Both models are powered by an economical single-cylinder engine that can haul up to half a ton. Durable and extremely robust, the MULE 600 and MULE 610 4×4 feature all the driver-friendly refinements that you expect from Kawasaki.

This product is now discontinued

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    • 12 hp air cooled 4-stroke engine
    • Automatic variable speed transition
    • Rear differential lock
    • front bonnet storage area
    • ROPS approved
    • Total Load capacity of 420kg
    • Cargo bed capacity 181kg

This product is now discontinued


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