Moose Plow (Plough)

The Moose Plow snow plough is one of the U.S.A’s strongest, toughest ATV snow plough on the market.

We have put together a brilliant kit to make fitting the snow plough easy to hook up and remove. The kit consists of:

Example 50” kit for ATVs

  • A 50″ spring loaded brake back plough blade
  • A universal push tube
  • A bottom mount specific to your ATV
  • A blade lift system; either a manual lift kit, winch and winch mount, or one of the electric kit options

Prices from

£685.00 (EXC VAT)


Example 72” kit for a  3010/4010 Mule

  • A 72″ spring loaded brake back plough blade
  • A push tube
  • An electric winch
  • A winch mount kit
  • A plough mount

Prices from

£950.00 (EXC VAT)

Taken from

“Formed from 11-gauge steel, plow blade has a curved design that provides better snow/dirt roll-off at any angle. Our standard 50″ blade clears a 44 1/2″ path when angled and our 60″ blade clears 53 1/2″ path when angled. The 72″ blade is designed for ATV’s 500cc and larger and clears a 64″ path when angled. Rubber plow flap sold separate. 72″ comes standard with rubber flap.” 

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