Hydromiser 3 Head

The Hydromiser low volume CDA band sprayer represents the ultimate in spraying efficiency and offers some considerable advantages over conventional pressure nozzle spraying techniques. The advanced technology significantly reduces chemical wastage meaning lower chemical cost and less filling time.

Model: (81220)
Part No. 1024

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  • Directional low volume CDA band sprayer
  • Reduced spray drift and run off
  • Reduced drift and run off
  • Variable boom and band width to suit row spacings 2.0 to 5.5m; from 0.5 to 1.5m per atomiser
  • Forward and backward spring-loaded break-away to protect heads from horizontal impact damage


  • Adjustable application rates:
    24–32L/ha (6–8kph/1.2m band width)
  • 580psi, 10mm delivery hose
  • Weight:
  • Comes with:
    6m of delivery and bypass hose
    Dry break couplers
    Electronic remote mounting control switch
    Pressure regulator
    Crop lifters
    QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame and Uprights


  • Hydromiser 2 Head


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