De-icing Sprayer Range OBS690S

Standard Features

  • Powerful 12V 9lt/min @ 3 bar pump with full pressure control
  • Flat tank base for easy attachment on the carrying vehicle
  • Specialist coated framework with plastic spray booms to prevent corrosion
  • 60ltr translucent tank for easy sight of contents level
  • Filter basket incorporated into the top filling lid
  • In line filter
  • Drain plug


  • ATV wiring harness with switch and in-line fuse
  • Boom/Hose reel bracket
  • Boom OBS104D, width 3metres, 6 nozzle plus kerb nozzle
  • OBS107 single broadcast nozzle
  • Hand lance hose reel options (10/15metre)
  • OBS116 ‘Y’ piece with 2 taps/outlets
  • 60 litre front tank
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De-icing Sprayer Range OBS690S

Spraying units of this type are ideal for specialist ice-melt liquids in sensitive areas where spreading de-icing products is not ideal, spreading Rock Salt would be too corrosive or where no messy residue is important, like hospitals, shops, airports, schools and railway stations etc.

Ice-melt liquids are super fast in operation for instant de-icing, have excellent adhesion to all surfaces and are fully soluble with no residue left behind. These liquids are usually more effective than Rock Salt at lower temperatures, even down to -30* C in some cases.

The OBS690S is sized to fit ATV or garden tractor type vehicles, where small size and weight are important for sensitive surfaces and tight manoeuvring.

The Logic 60litre on-board sprayer range has been designed to fit onto the rear carrier rack of an ATV. Its rotational moulded tank and high quality pump are designed for use with de-icing liquids and are at the heart of this reliable spraying system. Fitting of the tank is very quick and straightforward using ‘T’ bolts supplied. The unit also comes with a complete wiring harness with in line fuse. The boom is height adjustable and has a break-back facility. All nozzles can be individually switched on and off. The kerb nozzle is very useful for spraying a pavement from the highway.

A handlance with up to 15metres of hose is available fitted on a hose reel or on a wrap around bracket. A 60 litre front tank can be added to either of the above models.

For similar products see OBS135S, DMS390S, TS410S, TS625 and TPS390SE range.


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