Boom CDA 5.4M

Pioneered in New Zealand by C-Dax Ltd, CDA technology works by eliminating the large droplets, which contain the most chemical and are prone to “run-off” and exercising similar control over finer droplets which are prone to drift, Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) enables farmers and growers to cover a vastly greater area with smaller tank capacity, thereby vastly reducing fill and mix times.
From an environmental perspective, CDA offers the advantage of reducing ground contamination and spray drift.
Many farmers and growers who have used CDA for a number of years observe that they are able to maintain improved control because CDA offers a larger “spraying-window” than conventional pressure nozzle technology.
Research reports suggest strongly that there is an optimum droplet size for spraying. CDA generates droplets which fall almost entirely within the ideal spectrum for optimum cover, while limiting run-off and spray drift.
Each CDA “Rotary Atomiser” can be adjusted to generate an optimum droplet size for the task being undertaken at the time. Reliable and low maintenance, CDA will provide your farming operation with increased efficiency and effective use of chemical.

Model: (86654)
Part No. 1022

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  • 1.8m spraying width per atomiser
  • 580psi, 10mm delivery hose
  • Boom weight:
  • Comes with:
    6m of delivery and bypass hose, dry break couplers and plumbing kit, wiring loom and on/off control box, pressure regulator


  • Boom CDA 3.6M


CDA Boom Manual


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