Boom 3M

C-Dax folding spray booms incorporate a number of practical features such as breakaway and non-drip nozzles. Two sizes are available to suit any weed management programme.

Easily attached to your ATV using the optional C-Dax QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame and Upright Mounts for Booms.

Model: ATV3 (86525)
Part No. 1019

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  • 3m folding pressure nozzle spray boom
  • Spring loaded self centering breakaway
  • Six ‘wet boom’ nozzle bodies with non-drip check valves


  • 110º wide range spray tips as standard
  • 500mm nozzle spacing
  • 10mm, 580psi delivery hose
  • Boom weight:
  • Comes with:
    3m of delivery hose
    Dry break couplers and plumbing kit
    Non-drip diaphragm check valves
  • QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame and Upright Mounts not included


  • 4m Boom
  • QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame
  • QuickSmart™ Attachment Upright Mounts for Booms


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